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Portrait drawing is one of the hardest but most rewarding subject matter an artist can learn, often drawing a successful portrait can feel beyond the realms of possibility for new artists; but successful portrait drawing comes from sound and solid methods which like any craft or language CAN be learnt.
This course mixes time tested and proven methods with modern techniques to help the student develop successful portraits, by using a clear systematic approach along with detailed examples of how to simplify complex information like proportion, anatomy and construction of the head. Receiving continual critiques on your work  in both video and picture format means you will never be left with questions unanswered giving you the confidence to develop your work.

***Once a course has been bought you will receive an email with a link to your personal google classroom page where you will find pre course resources and references.***

Full Time Course

– Spread over 4 months with courses being purchased in monthly blocks, made up of four assignments per month, each assignment containing various lessons (if you need a break between months just let us know).
– Firstly you have an introductory call with your tutor covering the course specifics, the Google classrooms learning system and answering any questions.
– We use the Google classrooms learning system which is easily navigable and enables students to access the course information at their leisure, it also enables clear between the student and tutor throughout coursework assignments.
– Students are provided with login details to their personal student area within Google Classrooms where they can access their assignments and the lessons that make up each assignment.
– Students have access to an the relative online database of course resources and reference images.

Month 1: Introduction and overview of the portrait
Week 1   –   Simplified portrait construction
Week 2  –   Anatomy and construction of the skull
Week 3  –   Simplifying portrait features and understanding the portrait in space
Week 4  –   Understanding the relationship between the head, neck and shoulders

Month 2: Anatomy of features
Week 5   –   Construction, simplification and anatomy of the eye
Week 6   –   Construction, simplification and anatomy of the nose
Week 7   –   Construction, simplification and anatomy of the mouth and ear
Week 8   –   Complete anatomical drawing of the head

Month 3: Drawing the simplified portrait using charcoal and chalk
Week 9     –   Understanding  the portrait using simplified shapes, values and design
Week 9     –   Understanding  the portrait using simplified shapes, values and design: continued           
Week 10   –   Master study: Profile of the artist their techniques and how to study them
Week 12   –   Understanding the portrait using simplified shapes, values and design: charcoal and chalk

Month 4: Full portrait in charcoal
Week 13   –   Portrait 1: lay in and 2 value block in ,
Week 14   –   Portrait 1: development of drawing to final piece,
Week 15   –   Portrait 2: lay in and 2 value block in
Week 16   –   Portrait 2: development of drawing to final piece.

3-4 hours of learning per week

Part time:

Spread over 8 months this part time course follows the same path as the full time course but with 2 assignments a month rather than 4.

2-3 hours of learning a week

Once a month:

Please look at our full time and part time course descriptions as this course is adapted to one assignment a month.

1 hour of learning a week

One month intensive foundation course:

By taking the core elements from each section of the portrait course, this intensive course is designed to give the student a complete overview in the fundamentals of drawing in just one month.

3-4 hours of learning per week





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Full time, Part time, Once a month, One month Intensive


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