Plaster Cast Drawing: Eye of Michelangelo’s David (without critiques)

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About Course

Note – this course is self guided and without critiques, if you would like detailed critiques and feedback on your work along with advice on how to develop your work please see the “with critiques” option.


Do you want to learn how to draw but struggle to create realistic and exciting drawings?

Plaster cast drawing is a time tested approach to learning to draw and offers advantages to the student over drawing from the live model.
Plaster casts can be set up for prolonged study, they never move, they never need a break or need to be paid. They can also be setup in any number of ways using different lighting and compositions, often they are a single local colour and value allowing the student to see changes in values clearly and identify important elements within a subject matter.

Plaster casts are also often taken from classical sculpture with the emphasis on simplified form and good design, meaning the student will be learning how to simplify often complex subjects like the eye, and this prolonged study will develop a rich understanding of the subject.
This course will take you through the whole process of cast drawing from understanding your materials, material preparation and effective application to a fully rendered drawing.
You will discover the power of charcoal and “mass drawing” – the drawing technique that was used in Ateliers and Schools of the 19th century like the famous Académie Julian and the École des Beaux-Arts, and how it can create fully rendered painterly drawings.
Throughout the course you will be given a detailed insight into how the artist “sees” the world around them and by using a simple logical structure you can develop accurate drawings. The course also comes with additional plaster cast references for you to practise with using the lessons you have just learnt.

Drawing the plaster cast has never been easier or more approachable.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop a drawing from the first line to a representational work of art
  • Learn how to control willow charcoal and charcoal pencil
  • How to simplify and understand complex subject matter
  • Learn to create beautiful painterly drawings
  • Learn to "see" like the great masters
  • Gain fundamental skills and drawing practise

Course Content

1 – Introduction and material preparation
Introduction to the drawing process and the materials that you will be using.

  • Video

2 – Using Your materials
Learn how to master willow and generals pencil charcoal on Ingres paper using a series of exercises followed by a simple imaginary still life.

3- Drawing the plaster cast
Watch the whole drawing process whilst receiving essential tips and advice for successful drawing.

Reference images
Images used during the lesson and additional images for you to practise with.